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Take a look at some of the installations we’ve recently completed to get an idea of how your home could benefit from environmentally friendly, cost efficient and attractive heating.

Ultra Modern Stove Look
Cosy Family Fireplace Stove
Chimney Stack
Fresh Stove & Fireplace
Chimney Pots
Cornerplace Stove
Stove & Fireplace Work
Clean Fireplace & Stove Installation
Funky Chic Fireplace & Stove
Traditional Fireplace & Stove
Boxed Fireplace
Modern Fireplace Installation
Simplistic Stove
Stove in a pub
Cosy Stove
Chimney Work
Stove Installation
Patterned Fireplace
Stove & Fireplace Installation
Stone Fireplace
black stove
fresh cream stove fireplace
black fireplace installation